Wrinkle Injections:

One Area


Two Areas


Three Areas


One area is: either between eyebrows, or both crow’s feet, or whole forehead, or bunny lines on nose, or Neferititi jaw line, or “Gummy Smile”, or mouth corner depressors, or massater muscle both sides.
Teeth Grinding Bruxism (masseter & temporalis muscles)


Jaw Recontouring (masseter muscle)


Hyperhidrosis (Oversweating)

For either both Armpits, or Both Hands or Both Feet


Dermal Fillers

Restylane, Juvederm Ultra, Emervel, Revanesse – per 1ml Syringe


Thread/Spider Veins

Schlerotherapy – per session


Veinwave/Thermavein – per session


Chemical Skin Peels

“The Perfect Peel”


1 Regular Peel Session


6 Regular Sessions

£425 (£510)


Per session

Book 5 sessions, get 5th session free


£800 (£1000)

Skin Tags, Moles, Warts

From £150

Depends on number, size, location.  Best to come in for a free consultation for these items to be properly assessed and obtain an exact quotation.

Semi-permanent makeup

Eyebrows – Hair stroke, blended & powdered


Lash Enhancement




Lip Liner


Lip Blush – Line blended to appear more natural


Full Lip Colour


All above makeup prices include a FREE consultation and colour boost 4-8 weeks later.
Colour Boost within 12 months

£100 OFF

Colour Boost within 24 months

£50 OFF

Tattoo Removal
Per treatment depending on size of tattoo

£80 – £150

Bridal make up
Bridal make up from


Includes trial & eyebrow reshape